5 Tips to Maximize the First Appointment with a Prospective B2B Customer

It's often said that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. It's definitely true when it comes to B2B sales. When you set up an appointment with a prospective customer, you should leave no details to chance.

1. Research:

Know your customer and their needs as much as you can prior to the meeting. It personalizes your customer service, and your potential customer will be pleased that you took the time to find out about their business.

2. Have passion and confidence:
Remember that every appointment is like a job interview. You may be invited back or eliminated from the competition. Remember to show your passion for the business and your confidence in your ability to fulfill their needs.

3. Ask qualifying questions:

Have a list of "qualifying questions" prepared to take with you. Some of these should be specific to their industry, and some to their specific business, so you can identify the problems they are having and come up with solutions to solve them.

4. Sell solutions and benefits, don't push product:

Don't try to "sell them" at the first meeting. Use this as an information-gathering session. Take a "consultative" selling approach. Your job is to pull information out of them and then educate them on the solutions and benefits your company can provide.

5. Offer to hold the meeting at their office:
Be on time, well-researched and prepared for any questions. Meet the client at their business location. They will appreciate you taking the time and saving theirs.

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